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Everyone dreads the unavoidable malfunction of your home’s washer or dryer, but using a laundromat is not so bad.  Laundromats provide a quick and efficient option to launder several loads of laundry in one swoop.   Through presorting and drying laundry by fabric; using a laundromat has gotten simpler.

At The Laundry Depot Laundromat, we are often asked by our customers how long do washers cycles last and what’s the average length of stay to get their laundry done.  All are fair questions and we advice them the simplest step to saving time in the laundromat is to presort laundry.  Yes, presorting is often overlooked and can be time consuming especially for larger quantities of clothing.  At The Laundry Depot, we suggest you presort your towels, light and dark laundry.  By presorting you can simply pick a washer and load up your laundry.

Drying is the final and a critical step in completing the laundromat experience.  We often get asked which dryer is the hottest.  Once again, this is a fair question, but overrated.  Dryers get hot and dry your laundry, but seeking out a supposed hottest dryer doesn’t efficiently spend your money.  You could very well pick the hottest dryer and overload it with wet clothes.  . The best way to use our dryers is to separate laundry by fabric.  Thinner items dry faster and can be grouped together and dried on medium.  Thick towels bunched together can be dried on high heat.  Efficiently separating saves money since thicker items will not be in the same dryer redepositing moisture on thinner items. 

FYI most self service laundromat dryers have cool down times added typically the last two minutes of a cycle to cool clothes down to avoid burning customers. Allowing damp clothes to enter the cool down prior to inserting more coins is waste of two minutes of hot heat the could have been used to dry your clothes. 

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