The Laundry Depot Laundromat

OPENED 8am to 8PM Daily. Last wash is an hour before close.

Wash and Fold Service is $0.90 per pound. Same Day service on orders before 3PM Exclusions apply.

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Nowadays there are many options available to clean your laundry. Whether cleaning your laundry at home, a laundromat, or using a laundry service; you will discover each option has its advantages and drawbacks.

Cleaning laundry at home is the ultimate convenience. You can simply place your clothes in washer and dry them virtually anytime of the day. No lines or worries. However, the drawback of cleaning your laundry at home is the lack of size in home washer and dryer setups. Attempting to wash a comforter set or even large loads can compromise the longevity of home setups. Also, home setups can not process multiple loads of laundry at one time, consuming time dependent up the load size.

Laundromats are useful when multiple loads of laundry needs to be cleaned at once. Often, laundromats have commercial grade washers that agitate and spin your clothes at rates that are higher than home washer and dryer setups. Larger loads such as comforters are no problem for laundromats.

Laundry services, also known as wash and fold service, are a mix of bot laundromats and home laundries. Firstly, they often use commercial grade equipment to wash your laundry. Commercial equipment leaves your laundry cleaner more than often. Secondly, they are convenient since you can just drop them off at a location and pick them up when they are cleaned.

Whether using a homestyle washer, laundromat, or wash and fold laundry service. The Laundry Depot is here to provide a superior laundromat and laundry service to everyone in Macon.